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About Us

  • 2012: first steps in Hungarian adaptive wakeboarding thanks to an enthusiastic rider, Peter Magdács. He discovered sitting wakeboard on the island of Krk, Croatia and returned home with a sit-wakeboard frame. With his crew, he was looking for potential wakeboarders in Omszk Wakeboard Centrum, and luckily they didn’t give up on it easily. Peter has been a core member of our sitwake team and our chief coach ever since. The development of sitting wakeboard in Hungary is also due to a French wheelchaired guy, Bastien Perret (www.magicbastos.com), who, after his accident, established a foundation with the aim of promoting adaptive wakeboard across Europe, including Hungary. He showed us how ace it is to ride a sit-wakeboard and how much is possible for sit riders.

  • 2013-2015: Many wheelchair users and leg amputees tried sitwake at Omszk, Haraszti, Györ, Nyíregyháza, Kecskemét, and many other places. The base is still Omszk Wakeboard Centrum, but we are happy to be invited to organize demo-tours at wake centers all over Hungary.

  • 2014: A Polish guy, Piotrek got to know about us and came to Budapest to try out sitwake. He returned home with his own sitting frame, though we haven’t even been a sports club back then!

  • 2015 Sept: Diswake Disabled Wakeboard Community (Diswake SE) was formed.

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    Sitting cross-country.


Péter Magdács


Kriszti Lőrincz


Tamás Kónya




Our aims

Promoting adaptive wakeboard

It doesn’t matter whether you are an amputee, a wheelchair-user, or suffering from permanent knee-injury, come and try out this awesome sport with us! Find our contact info below.

Purchasing new equipment

Every piece of our equipment is designed individually. We need frames and boards in different sizes, so we set an aim to extend our current set of equipment (4 pieces) by two pieces every year. We would like to take some of our equipment to other cable parks in Hungary. The team of We Love Dirt gives us a huge help in making our equipment.

Demo Tour

Our intention for the future, as it has been in the past, is to organise demo-tours at various locations in Hungary to make extreme sports fans familiar with sitting wakeboard outside Budapest.


We believe in the power of sport in integration. Doing sports make us all fellow sportsmen. We are amazed by tricks and jumps performed on foot and we amaze people by swivelling on the water and riding on obstacles. This experience unites us all. Children approach us full of curiosity and we are happy to answer them.

If you donate, you’ll help us to achieve these goals.



Diswake SE
1139 Budapest, Petneházy utca 38-42. 4/4
Phone: +3670-627-0020